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Hi!  I'm Brenna.  I'm a photographer located in El Paso, Texas, an area surrounded by the gorgeous Franklin Mountains and stunning Chihuahuain Desert, and bordering both Mexico and New Mexico.  I fell in love with boudoir after having my own photo shoot in 2019.  I went in to it with the intentions of creating a Christmas present for my husband that was deployed at the time, but came out with so much more.  It was such an eye opening experience for me.  It  allowed me to see myself through his eyes, and now I'm so excited to be able to offer that experience to others!

Serving The Entire SouthWest USA and destinations worldwide. Let's do this thing!

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For you or for someone else; your boudoir session is tailored to your vibe

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When I had my boudoir session with Brenna, she made me feel extremely comfortable in own skin. She made me feel like I had known her for years and put me at ease, I was able to relax and trust her vision with every pose. All the pictures I received from our session together reflected on how I felt that day, beautiful, sultry, seductive, classy and timeless. I can’t thank her enough for the experience, for making me feel stunning and beautiful and capturing it all in the timeless photos I’ll have for years to come. If you’re looking to take boudoir photos, choose Brenna. She’ll capture the most beautiful images of yourself and once you see them you’ll be glad you made the right choice.  



 Brenna's work is amazing and her professionalism will make you feel so comfortable and beautiful and empowered.  You will not be disappointed ladies!!! Don't miss out on an experience of a lifetime❤️



Brenna was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and safe. She had everything set up and ready. Knew exactly what she wanted and all the poses and still I felt I had all the power and creative decision.
It was honestly such an amazing experience and I am beyond happy I was able to do this with her. Definitely going back for another session soon!



Brenna shows how passionate she is with the pictures she takes. She guides you into different posses and looks for the best angles and lighting to make the most beautiful parts of you stand out.
She makes you feel comfortable, you go in nervous and end up walking out refreshed feeling good and like you just had a date with a lifelong friend.
I definitely recommend her work. 



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